よかいち  麦焼酎 宝酒造       宮崎県  アルコール度数:25%    原料:大麦       麹:白麹菌      単式蒸留焼酎

Alcohol Level: 25%  Ingredients: Barley Koji: White-Koji         Single Distillation Shochu

Mugi' is brewed with the "Gin-Jikomi" method, which is characterized by the use of highly polished ingredients, foremost among them, barley.  This barley mixture is then fermented at a low temperature. 

After all is said and done, one can experience an elegant bouquet along with a clean and smooth flavor.

#9051  (25%) 6/750ml HL


よかいち    麦焼酎     宝酒造    宮崎県     アルコール度数:24%    原料:大麦        麹:白麹菌     単式蒸留焼酎

Alcohol Level: 24%  Ingredients: Barley  Koji: White-Koji    Single Distillation Soju

Mugi' is brewed with the "Gin-Jikomi" method, which is characterized by the use of highly polished ingredients, foremost among them, barley.  This barley-led mixture is then fermented at a low temperature.  After all is said and done, one can experience an elegant bouquet along with a clean and smooth flavor.

#9058  (24%) 6/750ml SOJU

iichiko FRASCO   

いいちこ フラスコ 麦焼酎    三和酒類    大分県   アルコール度数:30%  原料:大麦      麹:白麹菌   単式蒸留焼酎

Alcohol Level: 30%  Ingredients: Barley Koji: White-Koji  Single Distillation Shochu

Extremely clean aroma and an exquisite rich body. This barley Shochu is the quintessence of the iichiko line. Choice barley grains, polished down to a Daiginjo grade level,  are combined with an all-barley Koji and fermented at a low temperature.  Discover this supreme iichiko brew on the rocks, with cold or hot water.

#4839 (30%) 6/750ml with box HL

iichiko KUROBIN   

いいちこ くろびん 麦焼酎   三和酒類    大分県    アルコール度数:25%     原料:大麦  麹:白麹菌 単式蒸留焼酎BARLEY   SANWA SHURUI  /   OITA
Alcohol Level: 25%  Ingredients: Barley Koji: White-Koji   Single Distillation Shochu

Gentle and pleasant on the palate. Its simplicity exudes subtly, gentle and lasting. iichiko KUROBIN, or the “iichiko Black Bottle”, is a genuine Shochu that best embodies the genuine, all barley Koji brew.

#4838   (25%) 6/750ml with box HL

iichiko SILHOUETTE    

いいちこ シルエット 麦焼酎 三和酒類  大分県    アルコール度数:25%    原料:大麦    麹:白麹菌    単式蒸留焼酎


Alcohol Level: 25%  Ingredients: Barley Koji: White-Koji   Single Distillation Shochu

Made with select barley and natural spring water, the name "iichiko" is delivered from the words "the best"

in the local dialect of Oita Prefecture, which happens to be its home.  On-the-rocks, "mizuwari

(with cold water) " or "oyuwari (with hot water)" are the best ways to enjoy this shochu’s elegant aroma and flavor depth.

#4083 (25%)12/750ml HL   #4096  (25%) 24/200ml HL

iichiko SEIRIN     

いいちこ 清凛     麦焼酎    三和酒類   大分県    アルコール度数:20%     原料:大麦        麹:白麹菌      単式蒸留焼酎BARLEY   SANWA SHURUI   /  OITA

Alcohol Level: 20%    Ingredients: Barley    Koji: White-Koji   Single Distillation Soju

For export market only, comes iichiko Seirin. Clean aroma, and subtly sweet. Choice barley is used to produce malt, and then carefully filtered through bamboo charcoal to yield a most distinguished flavor. Enjoy ice-cold: straight up, on the rocks, or with a bit of water.

#4185 (20%)12/750ml SOJU   #4181  (20%) 24/200ml SOJU

iichiko Shochu Paper Carton  1.75L   


た柑橘系の香りが特徴。一方、「いいちこ焼酎紙パック」は昔ながらの濾過方法で造られ、すっきりとした旨さをお楽 しみ頂けます。

Alcohol Level: 20%    BARLEY   SANWA SHURUI  / OITA  Single Distillation Shochu

Iichiko Shochu Paper Carton 1.75L, a light, easy-to-drink barley shochu, has made it to the market.

Using carefully selected barley and by blending a higher ratio of fresh spring water prior to

bottling, gave this shochu a lighter touch in flavor and mellowness while still keeping the

distinct body. Pleasantly smooth on the rocks, straight, or mixing into cocktails. Its refreshing

flavor and crystal clear taste embodies the essence of Japa- nese refinement.

#4303   (20%)  6/1.75L HL

iichiko Bar Yuzu / Ume  

いいちこバーゆず・うめ 麦焼酎     三和酒類      大分県  アルコール度数:8%      原料:大麦     麹:白麹    常圧単式蒸留焼酎 

Alcohol Level: 8%     Ingredients: Barley    Koji: Black-Koji    Single Distillation Soju

Using only natural ingredients with no artificial flavors.  iichiko, the barley shochu with a dedication to fine ingredients, presents two new flavors-Yuzu and Ume.

#4448 YUZU  (8%) 12/375ml SOJU   #4399 UME  (8%) 12/375ml SOJU


一粒の麦  麦焼酎 西酒造  鹿児島県    アルコール度数:24%    原料:大麦     麹:白麹菌      単式蒸留焼酎

Alcohol Level: 24%   Ingredients: Barley   Koji: White-Koji   Single Distillation Soju

Barley Shochu may be commonplace, flat tasting with no character. Hitotsubu no Mugi,

or “One Grain of Wheat”, is different. It’s a perfectly crystalline Soju, a true gem.

Slightly sweet aroma and a superb barley flavor with bitter high notes and a smooth flow of fine liqueur.

#9250 (24%) 12/750ml  SOJU   


釈云麦      麦焼酎     西吉田酒造   福岡県 アルコール度数:24%     原料:大麦      麹:黒麹菌   常圧単式蒸留焼酎BARLEY   NISHIYOSHIDA SHUZO  /  FUKUOKA
Alcohol Level: 24%   Ingredients: Barley   Koji: Black-Koji
   Single Distillation Soju

This unfiltered Soju is made with barley and black koji. Jakuunbaku is one of the heaviest types of Soju made by Nishiyoshida Brewing and ranked as one of the top commercial wheat Soju.

#4115 (24%)   6/750ml  SOJU    


焙煎麦焼酎金太郎  麦焼酎     西吉田酒造    福岡県 アルコール度数:24%  原料:大麦    麹:黒麹菌    単式蒸留焼酎BARLEY    NISHIYOSHIDA SHUZO /  FUKUOKA
Alcohol Level: 24%    Ingredients: Barley    Koji: Black-Koji   Single Distillation Soju

This wheat Soju will match any occasion and meal. Kintaro is produced with the five senses in mind, it is with confidence the experts of Sake produce this fine barley Soju.

#4118 (24%) 12/750ml  SOJU    


白つくし   麦焼酎     西吉田酒造     福岡県   アルコール度数:24%     原料:大麦      麹:黒麹菌   減圧単式蒸留焼酎BARLEY     NISHIYOSHIDA SHUZO  / FUKUOKA
Alcohol Level: 24%  Ingredients: Barley    Koji: Black-Koji   Single Distillation Soju

Shiro Tsukushi is made with traditional black koji under pressurized distillation method.  Enjoy the refreshing fragrance, clean taste and mild mouth-feel by using brew more than 5 years aged. 

#4124  (24%) 12/750ml  SOJU    


黒つくし    麦焼酎     西吉田酒造     福岡県    アルコール度数:24%     原料:大麦      麹:黒麹菌    常圧単式蒸留焼酎

Alcohol Level: 24%   Ingredients: Barley   Koji: Black-Koji   Single Distillation Soju

Kuro Tsukushi is one of the top ranking heavy shochu from Nishiyoshida Shuzo.  Regular pressure distillation with traditional black koji produces  the unique flavor, enjoy the rich and stable taste.

#4119  (24%) 12/750ml   SOJU


隠し蔵 麦焼酎・長期貯蔵      濱田酒造      鹿児島県アルコール度数:24%    原料:大麦      麹:白麹菌   単式蒸留焼酎

Alcohol Level: 24%  Ingredients: Barley  Koji: White-Koji      Single Distillation Soju

This amber colored Soju is aged in an oak barrel and brewed using a special method of blending

different aged Soju made from carefully selected barley, malt, and spring water. This well-aged Soju, has a  luscious flavor and full body, which is best served on-the-rocks or with cold water.

#13942 (24%) 12/750ml  SOJU    


千年の眠り 麦焼酎・長期貯蔵    篠崎酒造   福岡県 アルコール度数:40%    原料:大麦     麹:白麹菌  単式蒸留焼酎BARLEY/AGED    SHINOZAKI CO. /FUKUOKA

Alcohol Level: 40%   Ingredients: Barley  Koji: White-Koji      Single Distillation Shochu

Shochu is Japan's other indigenous alcoholic beverage, but unlike sake shochu is distilled. The alcohol content is usually 25%, although sometimes it can be as high as 46%. Sennen No Nemuri is a malted barley product that uses the traditional method of distillation, aging for 3 years in oak barrels, garnering a stronger flavor and aroma. This flavorful product is representative of the long-aged barley shochu.

#5749  (40%)  6/750ml HL


かぴたん 麦焼酎・長期貯蔵      福田酒造     長崎県 アルコール度数:35%    原料:大麦      麹:白麹菌     単式蒸留焼酎BARLEY/AGED     FUKUDA SHUZO / NAGASAKI

Alcohol Level: 35%   Ingredients: Barley  Koji: White-Koji      Single Distillation Shochu

This barley shochu is ripened in an oak barrel for 10 years resulting in a significantly deeper, complex brew. Capitan is thoroughly aromatic with a pleasantly rich fragrance of oak from the  barrel which harmonizes exquisitely with its earthy barley flavor. The taste is mellow on the tongue with prolonging subtle sweetness.

This shochu, Capitan, meaning “pioneer” was named in the memory of the first trade that a Portuguese missionary, Xavier Capitan, has started during 1550s in Hirado-city, Nagasaki.

#4011  (35%) 12/750ml   HL


壱岐っ娘    麦焼酎     長崎県    アルコール度数:23%     原料:大麦,米       麹:白麹菌     減圧蒸留焼酎         


Alcohol Level: 23%     Ingredients: Barley,Rice  Koji: WHITE-Koji        Decompression Distillation Soju   

Barley Soju produced in a birthplace of Barley Soju. Which is made with selected Barley and Koji.

Uses clean polished water through plenty of time in Genburock startum, adopting Iki area’s own traditional technique from Edo era and reduced pressure distillation method.

#4680  (23%) 12/750ml   SOJU